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Peter Sinfield: Works 1980-85
Artist & Album
King Crimson
Island ILPS 9316
21st Century Schizoid Man
Liisa Pien
Love Records LRLP 142
With new lyrics by Finnish singer/songwriter this cover version is called "Epitaph (tuulet kirkuu hautoihin)" - roughly translated ``Epitaph (winds scream into the graves)''.
Shinya Aizaki
Jump On Stage
Reprise (Japan)
The Court of the Crimson King
Impressive live version on double LP recorded at Ohsaka Festival Hall 25 April 1975. Audience reaction makes this band sound as popular as The Beatles! Click on the Jump on Stage album graphic at http://www.urban.ne.jp/home/shehirah/KC/ to hear a Realaudio excerpt. Unfortunately this album is not currently available on CD.
Greg Lake
Manticore K 13511 (45 RPM)
December 1975
I Believe In Father Christmas (w/ Lake)
Greg Lake - I Believe in Father Christmas videoGreg Lake - I Believe in Father Christmas promo video
BBC Special - I Believe in Father Christmas video2001 BBC Christmas Special
"This song complete with 60 piece orchestra and 30 piece choir despite selling up to 50,000 a day was beaten to the No1 spot in the UK Xmas '75 by some long forgotten band singing something or other rhapsody Bahamian I think it was, but we did leave Laurel and Hardy under their Lonesome Pine way behind in third place." PjS

I Believe in Father Christmas has become, after Think Twice and 21st Century Schizoid Man, Peter's most oft covered song. For a separate listing of the cover versions of I Believe In Father Christmas, click here.
King Crimson
The Young Person's Guide to King Crimson
Island ISLD 7
Anthology including:
I Talk to the Wind (1968 demo with vocal by Judy Dyble) (previously unissued)
Groon (first LP release)
Cadence and Cascade
Ladies of the Road
Peace - A Theme
Cat Food
The Court of the Crimson King
Manticore K 80009
Lend Me Your Love Tonight (w/ Lake)
C'est la vie (w/ Lake)
Hallowed Be Thy Name (w/ Lake)
Nobody Loves You Like I Do (w/ Lake)
Closer To Believing (w/ Lake)
Pirates (w/ Emerson, Lake)
Works Volume Two
Manticore K 50422
Tiger In A Spotlight (w/ Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
Brain Salad Surgery (w/ Emerson, Lake)
Watching Over You (w/ Lake)
So Far To Fall (w/ Emerson, Lake)
I Believe In Father Christmas (w/ Lake) (not the 1975 Greg Lake recording)
(All songs co-written and co-produced by Greg Lake & Peter Sinfield.)
Johnny Hallyday
C'est La Vie
Phillips 9120 245
Tant Pis...C'Est la Vie (C'Est la Vie) (Lake/Sinfield/Aber)
Angelo Branduardi
Highdown Fair
Musiza 26396 XOT
Ariola ARL 5016
Highdown Fair
The Herons
TheHerons promo videoAngeloBranduardi - TheHerons video
Old Men and Butterflies
Lullaby to Sarah
The Song of Eternal Numbers
The Stag
The Funeral
The Man and the Cloud
Under the Lime Tree
A Song of Regret
(Peter produces and provides English lyrics for this originally Italian album, Alla fiera dell'Est.)
Love Beach
Atlantic K 5052
All I Want Is You (w/ Lake) VideoCher - Heart Of Stone video
Love Beach (w/ Lake)
Taste of my Love (w/ Lake)
Gambler (w/ Emerson/Lake)
For You (w/ Lake)
Memoirs of an Officer and a Gentleman (w/ Emerson)
Claude Francois
EMI / Pathé Marconi 2C008 63477
rec. spring 77
I Believe In Father Christmas VideoClaude Francois - I Believe in Father Christmas
by French pop star (rec. at Abbey Road studios)
Peter Sinfield & Brian Eno
In A Land Of Clear Colors
Voiceprint VP151CD
spring 79
The Robert Sheckley science fiction story narrated by Peter Sinfield. Eno provides ambient music. The original limited vinyl edition of 1,000 copies was one of the first multimedia concepts. A complete book, illustrations, narration and music, all in one package from Galeria el Mensajero, Ibiza. Original title: From Ibiza
- samples of all tracks here.
Angelo Branduardi
Fables and Fantasies
Ariola 200 906320
Dust and Ashes
By Appointment
Merry We Will Be
The Stolen Bride ,
(Peter provides English lyrics for this originally Italian album, La pulce d'acqua.)
Gary Brooker
No More Fear of Flying
Chrysalis CHR 1224
May 79
Get Up and Dance
Give Me Something to Remember You By
Old Manhattan Melodies
Let Me In
all songs co-written w/ Gary Brooker
(album produced by George Martin)
Hinkley's Heroes
The Norburn Street Tapes
(privately released)
Come Clean streaming Quicktime audio mp3(1.2 meg)
co-written w/ Tim Hinkley
Peter Sinfield shares lead vocals with Tim Hinkley on a song that was actually written for a flexi-disc to accompany a juke box shaped package of "Boots" brand bubble bath! This extremely rare track was recorded in Boz's studio by the nucleus of Hinkley's Heroes.

Sinfield & Hinkley : lead vocals
Hinkley : electric piano
Poli : synths
Boz : bass
Simon Kirke : drums
Poli : bridge vocals
Hideki Saijo
Big Game '79 Hideki
RCA RVL-2077-8
"Double LP recorded in August 1979. Hideki Saijo is a very famous talent in Japan. He made his debut as an idol singer and turned into an actor. I heard a rumor that he played 'In the Court of Crimson King' on the stage. But this is not confirmed." - Yoshifumi Nagata (writer for the Japanese music monthly magazine, GOLD WAX)
Click on the Big Game '79 Hideki album graphic at http://suehira.com/kc/index.html to hear a Realaudio excerpt of this perfomance. The CD version of this album was released July 23, 1999.
April Wine
Aquarius Q2-6527
21st Century Schizoid Man (live)
Herb Alpert
A&M CD-3714
Angelina (w/ Gary Brooker)
Emerson Lake and Palmer
In Concert
Atlantic K50757
Tiger In A Spotlight, C'est la vie
Pete Sinfield
Bajo el cielo
Las canciones de King Crimson
Pájaro de fuego
Barcelona, 1979
Early Pete Sinfield lyrics en espanol. Tradución de Jordi Oliver

Peter Sinfield: Works 1969-74 1969-74 | 1975-79 | 1980-85 | 1986-89 | 1990-92 | 1993-94 | 1995-97 | 1998-99 | The 21st Century
Peter Sinfield: Works 1980-85

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