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A House of Hopes and Dreams

"Withywood" for such was, and probably still is its name, is/was truly a doll's house. Although the last time I saw it I noticed that someone had upset its charm by adding a lumpy extension on its right hand side (looking down over the valley). It is situated erm, 75 yds down a drive. A sharp left half way up a winding hill side road to the south of the village. Or since I have just looked at a map. South from main village crossroads after about 200 yards fork left up Withywood Lane (maybe signposted to Nunnery Hatch?) about a mile on there is the drive on the left (leading to Cold Harbour Farm) but 75 yds down it, on the left, Withywood! Should you get to say hello to the current owners and be let inside; my study was a tiny room on the first floor looking out over the valley to the distant hills and Cranmore Tower... it was there that most of Still was written... It would be interesting to have a picture taken from the window?
- PjS

photos of Cranmore by Neil Ingram 2002

The Mill House

The Mill House, built c.1640 in Dunsfold, that ELP bought/loaned - for/to me in the mid 70's (at a mere 14% int't); when I imagined, for a while, I was about to become very rich. Well my credit worthiness was something else, until it wasn't. Naively persuaded that a third of Greg Lake's writing royalties was a great deal... Not noticing that as The Band took 50% of the publishing and KE wrote most of the music; I actualy ended up with 8 + bit % of the pottage. Hmm. Probably the most important words that I wrote there were to erm, "Closer To Believing". Well yes, I guess that may just be a hint ironic... Hey Ho!

The house and its 30 verdant acres shared a river valley with my next door neighbour Gary Brooker. This was important for it led to my five co-writes on his first solo album "No More Fear Of Flying"- Not to mention the dozens of trees that I planted, the gardens I redesigned, the 11,000 kitchen (1976 price!) with hand carved elm and oak cupboards and Elizabethan brick floor, the quarter acre organic vegetable plot, the miles of post and rail fencing, the pond with its willow tree'd island that I created. . . All still there and since crossed by public footpaths, should you be passing, all viewable. My small contribution to the conservation of the Surrey countryside.! It was a wonderful experience - helluva dream!!
- PjS


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