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Peter Sinfield: Works 1993-94
Artist & Album
Heart of Stone
Geffen Records 19953
Heart of Stone (Remix) (W/ Andy Hill)
Single release of 1989 recording includes a gospel choir singing backing vocals.

Cher's 1990 US "Heart Of Stone" tour began 31st of March and continued until 29 August.
Bad Religion
Against the Grain
21st Century (Digital Boy)
Only the second through fifth lines in the last stanza are "borrowed" from Peter Sinfield. There are two versions of this song. version 1: , version 2:
Tommy Nilsson
Follow the Road
Alpha Records ONECD 030
Looking Through The Eyes of A Child
Don't Walk Away
Peace in Our Time
(w/ Andy Hill)
(Nilsson is a major Swedish Rock star)
David Foster
River of Love
Walkaway (w/ Andy Hill)
Liisa Pien
Love Records LRCD 142
CD re-issue of 1975 recording
Epitaph with new lyrics by Finnish singer/songwriter. Cover version is called "Epitaph (tuulet kirkuu hautoihin)" - roughly translated ``Epitaph (winds scream into the graves)''.
The Look People
Small Fish, Big Pond
(Swiss) Quantum
21st Century Schizoid Man
Barry Manilow
The Songs 1975-1990
re-release of Keep Each Other Warm
Human Drama
Stuff This in Your Stocking
Skyclad VEEBL68
I Believe In Father Christmas
genre: rock/darkwave
compilation album
Bucks Fizz
Live at the Fairfield Hall, Croydon
Jet JETCD1001
Heart of Stone
I Hear Talk/You And Your Heart So Blue
The Land Of Make Believe
Veronika Fischer
"Wie geht's weiter" (Orig.-M.: Hammond/Hill/Sinfield; dt. T.: P. Cross/E. Zanki; A.: A. Oppermann)
"Looking Through the Eyes of a Child sung in German!" PjS
Julien Clerc
There Is No Distance
Virgin DIX 62
English version of the album "Les aventures Ó l'eau" - 7 songs ... "on major French star's little noticed '91 English Language venture but includes magical "There Is No Distance." PjS
No Bad Thing
The Wine of Words , (w/ Julien Clerc and Jean Roussel)
Hard as Love
Lovers and Dancers
There is No Distance (w/ Julien Clerc and Matt Clifford)
Ring Around the Moon

en franšais:
Les aventures Ó l'eau
Diana Ross
The Force Behind The Power
Waiting In The Wings (w/ Andy Hill)
Chris Farlowe
Out Of Time
Don't Walk Away , Waiting in the Wings (w/ Andy Hill)
Recorded between 1990 and 1991. First released in Spain in 1991 and simply titled 'Farlowe' (Barsa LP 0025; CD 0025, 1992). It featured a re-recorded version of 'Out Of Time' but this was dropped from the German Line Records release. The Line Records release in 1992 was re-titled 'Waiting In The Wings' (also on Freestyle JHD054). Don't Walk Away & Waiting in the Wings were remixed for the German release making the Spanish release highly sought after.
Pacific 231
12 Years in NYC
Monochrome MON 003-12
21st Century Schizoid Man
b-side of 12" single (a-side: 12 years in NYC)
"isn't a cover version, but sounds like it should be, all buzz-saw electronics and robot voices." - ESTWeb
genre: industrial
King Crimson
Frame by Frame
Caroline CAROL 1595-2
21st Century Schizoid Man, I Talk to the Wind, Epitaph, Moonchild, In the Court of the Crimson King, Cat Food, Cadence and Cascade (remixed with new vocal by Adrian Belew), Ladies of the Road, Travel Weary Capricorn, 21st Century Schizoid Man (live),
King Crimson
The Abbreviated King Crimson
Caroline CAROL 1467-2
21st Century Schizoid Man (abbreviated), In the Court of the Crimson King (abbreviated)
Cocaine Head
Vox Pop VP13
21st Century Schizoid Man (rec. July 91, by Italian Rock group)
Tony Hadley
The State Of Play
February 1992
Lost In Your Love (w/ Andy Hill)
Never Give Up On Love (Sinfield/Lind)
two tracks from Spandau Ballet frontman's solo album debut
Roland Kaiser
CD single
Hansa 665 236
Lebenslńnglich du (w/ Albert Hammond & Andy Hill) German lyrics by J. Dreksler/R. Kaiser
Michael Ball
Michael Ball
Polydor 511 330-2
May 1992
As Dreams Go By (w/ Andy Hill
"ex-eurovision entry on the UK star's first big album." *PjS*
Masahide Sakuma
Sane Dream
Toshiba-EMI TOCT-6451
rec. Aug 1991-Nov. 1991
rel. 22 April 1992
I Talk to the Wind
"Masahide Sakuma is a multi instrumental player & also a famous producer. This song was played by himself, Shunji Mori (a Japanese guitar player) & Morgan Fisher and recorded at his home studio. I love this digitalized but acoustic-feeling version very much. This song was reviewed as 'inorganic' in the Japanese "Bass Magazine." - Yoshifumi Nagata (writer for the Japanese music monthly magazine, GOLD WAX)
Peter Cetera
World Falling Down
Warner Bros. 9 26894-2
Have You Ever Been In Love (w/ Andy Hill & J. Danter)
"brave version+amazing guitar solo!" PjS
Diana Ross
One Shining Moment
Waiting in The Wings (remixed version included on this UK 4 track CD)
Diana Ross
Motown 37463 1011-1
Waiting in The Wings (12" single)
A1. Extended
B1. Remix Edit
B2. LP version
Emerson Lake and Palmer
The Atlantic Years
Anthology including Karn Evil Nine, Pirates and the original single version of I Believe In Father Christmas
Chris Norman
The Growing Years
Polydor CD 517138-2
MC 537138-4
Peace In Our Time
Roger Chapman
Under No Obligation
Polydor 513 0732
The Dance Hall Years (w/ Andy Hill)
"Big in Germany. . .truly! I recall .38 Special trying to cut this song but, failing to match the demo, gave up. . .hmmm" PjS
Jakko M. Jakszyk
Imagination Day
unreleased demo
. . . was found in a box dated 1992! by El Jakko, who co-wrote, recorded and sung it; under the title 'Imagination Day' Mix (Not Final). Jakko says... "Sound's much like I remember it, however. Not a Crimson or Schizie track. I'd need to screw up the chords somewhat." Peter says... Indeed! & The lines, "For you know who..." & "When dreams come true" - Of course should be reversed. One day they will be ;-)
Lisa Vale
and i love you
eastwest 7 92135-2
Waiting in the Wings
Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
Hope and Glory
Curb D2-77546
You and Your Heart So Blue (w/ Andy Hill)
Mistral Gagnant
21st Century Schizoid Man
(released as a single by Swiss "jazz-hard-core crossover" band)
┴┼ă ╬├╦▀─╩╚
21st Century Schizoid Man
There is a real audio file of something called "Lark's Tongue Salad Surgery" at the group's discography page.
Opus III
I Talk to the Wind
CD-3: 1992
Warner PWL4509 90150 2
US eastwest america (Atlantic) 7 92160-2
I Talk To The Wind
VideoOpus III - I Talk to the Wind video
("a rare item! A dance cover of famous King Crimson song
. . . .extraordinary *?*!!" - PjS)
The CD-3 includes the following tracks:
1 I Talk to the Wind [edit]
2 I Talk to the Wind [12 inch extended mix]
3 Sea People
Jason Rawhead
Time Stopped Dead
Play It Again Sam BIAS 235
21st Century Schizoid Man by Belgian punk band
King Crimson
The Great Deceiver
Caroline CAROL 1597-2
21st Century Schizoid Man, Cat Food
(recorded live circa 1973-74
Bucks Fizz
Golden Days

You And Your Heart So Blue
Heart of Stone
I Hear Talk/
The Land Of Make Believe

Peter Sinfield: Works 1986-89 1969-74 | 1975-79 | 1980-85 | 1986-89 | 1990-92 | 1993-94 | 1995-97 | 1998-99 | The 21st Century
Peter Sinfield: Works 1993-94

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