Envelopes of Yesterday
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I feel like a rusty key I don't fit any door
You stole my cloudy castles but you didn't say what for.
You said I didn't have the eyes to paint out in the street
Without a standard martyr's hat and neon sloganned
To eat, it seems, I needed you for crumbs your need was
We cheered and passed the sanguine flask till the ice
man made me see
At five o'clock you could never wash your printer's stain
So I count you lost and your words I've tossed
In the bleary envelopes of yesterday.

I feel like a tumbling kite there's no hand on my reel.
I dived aboard your star-bright ship to find you'd left the
To hunt some upstart passengers who had gambled with
    their fare
Then trumpeted the hull with holes and laughing gone
    by air.
Whilst most of us who stayed aboard slipped brandy to
    the crew
John Purser locked his iron box and pointed at the queue.
Still working out the price of time no echoes will we lay;
So I've burnt the till and I've thrown the bills
In the weary envelopes of yesterday.

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