Maybe So
Rope Burns
One Way Love
Breaking And Entering
Twentieth Century Hero
X-Ray Vision
A Quatre Pas D'ici
I Hear Talk
You And Your Heart So Blue
Walk Upon Dreams
Rain or Shine
Keep Each Other Warm
Love In A World Gone Mad
Lets Go The Reins
Flying Back South
Feeling Good About It
Sweet Rhapsody
Peace In Our Time
Looking Through the Eyes of a Child
Heart of Stone
Don't Walk Away
No Bad Thing
The Wine of Words
Hard as Love
Lovers and Dancers
There Is No Distance
Ring Around the Moon
Halfway Home to Love
Waiting In The Wings
As Dreams Go By
Lost In Your Love
Never Give Up On Love
The Dancehall Years
Imagination Day
Think Twice
Call The Man
This is Your Life
Let There Be Light
Fall the Leaves
(Love is a) Moonlight Highway
The Best of Dreams

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