Chapter Sixteen


"Thought-earth is the heavenly heart of the middle dwelling (intuition)."

- Tung-Pin Lu
The Secret of the Golden Flower

"The last will be first, and the first last."

- Matthew 20.16

The number four...

"Symbolizes the Earth, or what is terrestrial, the totality of created and revealed, according to the Bible."

- Properties of the Number Four

"4. In symbolic language --- the Daughter: in the Cycle of Life (Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection)... ...the Virgin of the World, Venus, Aphrodite: --- by whatsoever of a myriad names we call Her, still the same in Spirit, the same in Number and in form! And this number is herein formulated by the Concentration of the Three in One. 3 + 1 = 4"

- A Note on Genesis
"He travelled widely and from his travels in North Africa came his understanding that living in alien surroundings can awaken in people an archetypal memory of a prehistoric past that they appear to have forgotten. This he refers to as the 'shadow self'."

- Review of: C G Jung - Memories, Dreams, Reflections

"He spent a number of years drifting around Morocco and Spain before returning to England. Sometime in 1967..."

- AMG Biography of Peter Sinfield

"You have two birth-places. You have the place where you were really born and then you have a place of predilection where you really wake up to reality."

- Blue Thirst, Lawrence Durrell

"We shall never cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."

- T. S. Eliot
Four Quartets

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The Trifid Nebula

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"Jung (1954/1946, p. 119) said that a return to the Self was not complete without what he calls "the fourth function," and the reverse is just as true. What comes out of the Self first is known and passes through what becomes the fourth function (at birth) of intuition. In this manner, first is last and last is first. Intuition is the psychological function that the child uses while in the womb."

he fourth King Crimson album, Islands , represents the return to the whole, the psychological function of Intuition, the Self or God.

"In the myths, conscious body sensations are seen as the Serpent Lord Enlil, or the Serpent of Genesis. In Genesis, conscious sensation is the Serpent, who has as his unconscious and dark side, the Father God, (Intuition) who has been 'lost' at birth."

- The Genesis Model
by Gerry Anne Lenhart

The Self

"This is the central archetype of wholeness and totality. It does not refer to the individual self but to the whole of the personality; ego consciousness, personal and collective unconscious. The self appears in dreams, myths and fairytales as king, hero, prophet, saviour; it appears as the magick circle, the square and the cross; it is the total union of opposites, it is a united duality as Tao and yang and ying, it appears as the mandala, it appears as the imago dei (the image of God) and is equated with the totality of self which is universally expressed and the power of this creation is within the self. Even if God has been pronounced dead the psychological God lives and is equated with supreme power and supreme being; it can be worshipped in many guises - machines, computers, material possessions, states, money, idols, icons, man, woman, child, animal, even atheism - all substitute and stand in for imago dei. Supernatural powers are attributed to whatever carries this image of the self. Whatever we are committed to in awe, in blind allegiance, or devoutly in faith is an expression of imago dei.

Imago dei is both God and shadow, good and evil, deity and devil. The archetypes are always the opposites, unified in the Self into wholeness."

- Temple of the Sacred Spiral
by Quenten Walker

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Jung on his belief in God

The Trifid Nebula is a God-image, a representation of what Prince Rupert experienced at the end of Lizard , the Trinity.

"Clouds of dust create dark streaks that divide the nebula into three parts, giving it the name Trifid ("cleft into three" in Latin)."

- Trifid the Gas Cloud

"Jung illustrates the effort of 'immediate' religious experience by the story of the Swiss mystic and hermit, 'the blessed brother Nicholas von der Flue'. Brother Nicholas had a vision of threefoldness', so terrible in its nature that his whole face was changed and his appearance from then on terrified people.

The experience of the God-image or archetype of the self is at once the most vital and the most overwhelming that can happen to man, and without some anchor he may be swept away."

- Religion and the Individuation Process
by Frieda Fordham

"Unspeakable beauty and unimaginable bedlam can be found together in the Trifid Nebula. Also known as M20, this photogenic nebula is visible with good binoculars in the constellation of Sagittarius. The energetic processes of star formation create not only the colors but the chaos."

- The Trifid Nebula

One entity with three components, the Trifid Nebula represents the three functions of Thinking, Feeling and Sensation merged into one: Intuition.

"...intuition is sensation, feeling, and thinking that are unconscious, and these three merged functions are the soul complex, which contains consciousness and unconsciousness in undifferentiated form. This concept appears to be comparable with the idea of the Holy Trinity or any three-in-one symbolism and therefore difficult to grasp in a logical or rational manner. It is possible that any "truth" contained in what appears to be irrational can only be known by experience."

- The Genesis Model
by Gerry Anne Lenhart

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