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Ladies of the Road

Babylonian terra-cotta relief, c. 2000 BCE
"It was Lilith the wife of Adam:
                                  (Eden bower's in flower.)

Not a drop of her blood was human,
But she was made like a soft sweet woman."

- Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Eden Bower

Wildcats shall meet with hyenas,
   goat-demons shall call to each other;
there too Lilith shall repose,
   and find a place to rest.
There shall the owl nest
   and lay and hatch and brood in its shadow.

- Isaiah 34 14-15

"Tanit, the Carthaginian lunar goddess and Lilith, the black Moon of the Semites, identified by the Christians as an infernal protecting demon of the witches, testify to the persistence of the lunar cults until the Middle Ages.

The ancient Jewish oral tradition tells of a woman loved by Adam before Eva, whose name, Lilith, is derived from an ancient mesopotamian divinity and given as the root of the term "night "

- The lunar divinity of the Mediterranean people

"Prisons are built with stones of Law, Brothels with bricks of Religion."
"The lust of the goat is the bounty of God."
"The nakedness of woman is the work of God."

- William Blake, Proverbs of Hell from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

"Pornosophical philotheology."

- James Joyce: Ulysses, Circe

"not 'whore-wisdom love (of) theology', rather a combination of pornography, philosophy, and theology (though porn- does relate to whores)"

- Advanced notes for Ulysses ch15 (Circe)
by Jorn Barger

uperficially Ladies of the Road is about groupies encountered on tour (the road). But "the road" is a road on life's journey, the road of excess. Our protagonist is headed toward wisdom and maturity.

"For men, the Ego is masculine, rational, and it must accept the irrationality of the Shadow before it can enter into a healthy relationship to its feminine side, the Anima, which is projected onto the world in the form of various female figures. The endpoint of this process is the creation of the Self, a figure that does not have a counterpart in the narrative of Ulysses but that stands for the mature artist, Joyce himself."

- Jungian Patterns in Ulysses by Patrick A. McCarthy A review of Odyssey of the Psyche: Jungian Patterns in Joyce’s “Ulysses” by Jean Kimball

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Following Sagittarius...

"Capricorn ascends at the commencement of the Winter Solstice the time when darkness begins its release of control and the sun once again begins to take on more significance and the days become longer. It is the time mythologically represented by the return of the goddess Persephone to her mother Demeter (Ceres) from the Realm of Darkness ruled by Hades (Pluto)..."

(The Realm of Darkness portrayed in The Letters .)

"...The feminine, cardinal earth sign, Capricorn, with the keyword, I Use, is the tenth sign of the Zodiac. It is ruled by Saturn and represented by the odd representation of part goat, part fish, clearly a time of transition in the development of the soul. In Capricorn the transformation has begun. The assimilation of the collective truth or wisdom has finished and the transformation into Self has begun. This is one reason why the birth of Jesus was placed at this time of year and is a popular time of birth for all of the gods who represent the higher Self.

The Greeks accepted Capricorn as Amalthea, the goat-nymph, who nurtured the infant Zeus (Jupiter) on the island of Crete, where Rhea had hidden him from Cronus (Saturn). Amalthea, half goat and half nymph, was the sister of the satyr, Pan, who was half goat and half human. As a reward for nurturing Zeus, she was placed in the heavens as the constellation Capricorn.

It is worth mentioning that both Aleister Crowley and Liz Greene used Pan to represent Capricorn, and the Devil. Pan was addicted to lust and sexual promiscuity and the term satyriasis is a psychiatrists term for a man who is seriously addicted to sexual promiscuity.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, was also steeped in sexual license. The Feast of Saturnalia took place during the month of Capricorn. It was a time of total abandon in areas relating to sexual conduct. For some time, the Feast of Saturnalia was celebrated simultaneously among Pagans and Christians. Eventually it evolved into the Christmas season."

- The Mythology of Capricorn

"Esoterically, all world saviours and Sun Gods are born in Capricorn. But so are the worst of beings, characterised by materialism, cruelty, pride, ambition and egoism, whose heads rule their hearts. In the perfect example of Capricorn, the head and the heart are in balance."

- D. K. Foundation

"The sign Cancer ( Epitaph and Moonchild ) is the place of the first major fusion of the zodiac: it fuses the energies of Aries, Taurus and Gemini. The impulse of Life is awakened in Aries ( 21st Century Schizoid Man ), is given Consciousness in Taurus (the last verse of 21st Century Schizoid Man and all of Pictures of A City ) and manifested as duality in Gemini ( I Talk to the Wind ). Human birth in the sign of Cancer ( Epitaph and Moonchild ) is the arrival of this gathering of force on Earth. In Libra ( In the Wake of Poseidon ) these energies reach a point of balance and in Capricorn the triplicity of Aries, Taurus and Gemini begins to return to an earlier state of the "breath of the spirit", the difference being that there is now full awareness, so that form is the expression of soul and soul is sensitive and responsive to the 'pulsations of the One Life' expressing the will of the Logos."

- D. K. Foundation

Islands ~ The Letters
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