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Artist & Album
King Crimson
Live at Summit Studios 1972
DGM Collector's Club
Pictures Of A City, Cadence and Cascade, 21st Century Schizoid Man, The Sailor's Tale
Recorded at Summit Studios, Denver, Colorado on March 12, 1972.
Condo Painting
original soundtrack
Will 33656
Apr 4, 2000
re-release of 1998 soundtrack featuring Court of the Crimson King performed by Hale, Ken - :25
and Court of the Crimson King [live] performed by King Crimson
King Crimson
Live in Central Park, NYC, 1974
DGM Collector's Club
21st Century Schizoid Man
In The Woods
Three Times Seven on a Pilgrimage
Prophecy Productions
April 2000
by Norwegian Goth band
Bucks Fizz
Are You Ready 00/002000
One Way Love
Breaking and Entering
Twentieth Century Hero
The Land Of Make Believe
re-release of 1982 album
Howard Stern & The Losers
June 19, 2000
The Court of the Crimson King
June 2000(Love is a) Moonlight Highway w/ Kevin Malpass
Currently unrecorded
Universal Music Sdn Bhd.
Summer 2000
Oh Indahnya (Sinfield/Hill/Hammond/ CK Ismail)
Looking Through the Eyes of a Child covered by Indonesian Pop band
The Backyard Swings
Christmas Present vol. 2
Sister Ruby Records SIS 010 (7-65065-0010-2-6)
I Believe In Father Christmas
compilation album of Atlanta, Georgia based bands (limited edition of 1000)
Daevid Allen's University of Errors
Web Videology
21st Century Prog Rock Man (with animation) can be viewed here and here.
King Crimson
A Beginner's Guide to the King Crimson Collector's Club
21st Century Schizoid Man
I Talk to the Wind
Ladies of the Road
The Sailor's Tale
anthology of tracks from the first 11 King Crimson Collector's Club releases
Darios Sosa
Sonda a Barnard
Ambdar Records DSCD1
Venezuelan guitarist's underwater version of 21st Century Schizoid Man minus the sharp edges . . . or composer credits to Fripp, Lake, McDonald, Giles, Sinfield
Giving Birth To A Stone
Vile Beat VBR 5005
Sept. 26, 2000
Cat Food
Re-release of 1994 abum by alt.metal band featuring Justin Chancellor of Tool.
There is a Realaudio file of Cat Food at Amazon.com
John Macneill
before 12/2000
Indoor Gamesmp3
Michael Ball
This Time ... It's Personal
Will 33656
Oct 30, 2000
Think Twice
USO (United Singing Originals)
Think of Christmas
VRC Records VRC-PCD-19707
I Believe in Father Christmas
German album release
Christmas Choral Classics
Silva Screen Records
SILKD 6026
I Believe In Father Christmas
a choral version of the song arranged by Paul Bateman - (Sarah Brightman's Musical Director)
Six by Seven
It's A Cool Cool Christmas
Jeepster JPRCD013
Nov. 20, 2000
I Believe In Father Christmas
compilation album release
Julia Sets
Better Than Fruitcake
Sound System Records
I Believe In Father Christmas
compilation album release
The Spirit of Christmas 2000
Myer and Grace Bros.
I Believe In Father Christmas
Australian compilation album
The Iditarod
Sandinavian Tour Single
Hub City Records
Dec. 2000
vinyl only single release by Providence, Rhode Island based psych-folk duo
King Crimson
Live At Plymouth, May 1971
DGM Collector's Club
Cirkus, Pictures Of A City, Sailor's Tale, The Letters, Lady Of The Dancing Water, Cadence And Cascade, In The Court of The Crimson King, Ladies Of The Road, 21st Century Schizoid Man
Scared w/ Kevin Malpass
Full name: Nikke Prince. An Mp3 of this song appears at http://www.nikke.co.uk/music/music.html
Mini Album
Fun House Inc. FHCT-2012
Click on the Samarie album graphic at http://suehira.com/kc/index.html to hear a Realaudio excerpt.
California Guitar Trio
Live at the Key Club
CGT Direct Collector's Series
Zundoko-Bushi, a Japanese traditional arrangement with excerpts from 21st Century Schizoid Man
Giles Giles & Fripp
Tenth Planet TP049
GG&F demos recorded 1967-68 at 93A Brondesbury Road. LP only - ltd. ed. of 1,000.
Two versions each of three McDonald/Sinfield compositions, including the previously unreleased Make It Today.
available by mail order from :
TENTH PLANET, 13 Barricane, St.Johns, Woking, Surrey, GU21 1RB
The Night Garden
Dope Noir DONO0005
I Talk to the Wind
genre: downbeat electronica
there is a Realaudio sample at www.amazon.de
(track 8. - misidentified as "This Isn't Maybe")
7/22/2001The Dreamer's Song w/ Kevin Malpass
Currently unrecorded
Think Twice 2001
Almighty Records CD ALMY 66 (UK)
CD single
Think Twice 2001
new perfomance of this artist's 1995 U.K. dance hit
Dimitrios Vassilakis
Daedalus Project - Labyrinth
Candid CCD79776
Epitaph by Greek jazz saxophonist
CD produced by David Liebman
Killing Ground
Steamhammer (SVP)
Heavy metal version of The Court of the Crimson King
mp3 sample
Giles, Giles and Fripp
The Brondesbury Tapes
Voiceprint VP 235CD
Make it today (A)
I talk to the wind (1)
Under the sky (-)
Under the sky (--)
I talk to the wind (2)
Make it today (B)
Official CD release (on Peter Sinfield's label, no less) of 67-68 outtakes (the aforementioned Metaphormosis). Two versions each of three McDonald/Sinfield compositions, including the previously unreleased Make It Today.

1st mini album
I Talk to the Wind (by Japanese pop group)
Greg Lake/Diffusion
dec. 2001
"Its 'Greg Lake vs Diffusion - I Believe In Father Christmas 2001 - given a classic Diffusion dance remix. You're bound to love it!" Downoad the mp3 here.
Island CID791
The Land of Make Believe
. . . by British pop group who seem to be associated with a TV show called Starstreet. The song entered the UK singles chart at #9 on 1/20/02.
- video clip - showcase
The Last Broadcast
Heavenly HVNLP35CD
This album contains "The M62 song" about which amazon say -

Quiet reprieve comes with M62, a delicate haunting reworking of King Crimson's "Moonchild", bizarrely recorded under the M62 flyover in Manchester, its desolate atmospherics are juxtaposed to the remainder of the album. (hmm, nothing much new there then ;-) *PjS*)
And here is how it is credited. Not, as such, the shortest credit of all time.

("The M62 song " by Williams/Williams/Goodwin/Fripp/McDonald/Lake/Giles/Sinfield an adaptation of "Moonchild" by King Crimson, written byFripp/McDonald/Lake/Giles/Sinfield and published by BMG Music Publishing Ltd. Used by permission. All rights reserved.)
Christian Langer

early April, 02
Moonchild Moonchild by Christian Langer streaming (763 kb) Christian Langer - Moonchild mp3 non-streaming audio (2,946 kb)
German artist Christian Langer has given us easily the best cover of Moonchild to date. The piano, which takes the place of Fripp's acoustic guitar in the original, is particularly nice. I also like the double bass and that faithful to the original drone in the background. The entire arrangement is appropriately spare and just superb. Mr. Langer and co. could probably cover the entire album and do a very good job of it. Moonchild was recorded live in Stuttgart, Germany on January 10, 2002. - Jon
Boxmedia 017
April 2002
minimal techno reworking of a portion of Moonchild entitled "Dream Illusions"
Island CIDD8116 05/13/02
Limited edition box set containing The Land of Make Believe
Hans Annellsson
One More Time For The World Some More
Annellssongs ANNCD8 06/00/02
A dance floor version of Prince Rupert Awakes !?
Kelly Clarkson
American Idol TV show
VideoKellyClarkson - ThinkTwice
Think Twice performed by the eventual winner of season one.
California Guitar Trio with Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto
Inside Out U.S. 65424
Zundoko-Bushi (w/excerpts of 21st Century Schizoid Man)
The Peanuts
The Peanuts On Stage
King KICX 7098
CD re-issue of 1972 LP by Japanese girl duo.
Noir Desir
Concert de Nancy, diffuse Salle Poirel

21st Century Schizoid Man by Noir Désir      21st Century Schizoid Man
Web only release of track recorded during the group's Summer 2002 concert tour. It's the Crimson classic as channeled through Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, Plant, Daltrey and Iggy Pop. Complete performance is available at http://nwardesir.free.fr/zenith/# (click on "Les Extraits" then track 15 "Reprise").
Operacion Triunfuno
Gala OT2
  Ainhoa - Think Twice  Think Twice (19.6 MB)
video performance by Spanish singer, full name Ainhoa Cantalapiedra, from the Spanish TV program, Operacion Triunfo.
King Crimson
Ladies of the Road
King Crimson Collector's Club 11/12/02
Pictures of a City
The Letters
Formentera Lady (abridged)
The Sailors Tale
Get Thy Bearings
21st Century Schizoid Man
In the Court of the Crimson King
Compilation of tracks from three previous DGM releases. Peter Sinfield is credited with "FOH sound & VCS3 on Volume One", live performances recorded 1971-72. Disc two is given over to sax and guitar solos from various performances of 21st Century Schizoid Man
album 1
web only release
21st Century Schizoid Man
Slightly amazing A Cappella version by Japanese human orchestra. A sort of Electronica early Mills Brothers, Dokaka do unheard of things with (to?) the instrumental break. This one needs to be heard at least once.
Operacion Triunfuno
Gala 13
  Ainhoa - Think Twice  Think Twice (5.15 MB)
another video performance by Spanish singer from the TV program, Operacion Triunfo.
2003: Symphonic Art-Rock from Hungary
Periferic BGCD 118
various artist compilation including: Pictures of a City
Bucks Fizz
The Greatest Hits
The Land Of Make Believe
I Hear Talk
You And Your Heart So Blue
Adachi Kyodai
Adachi Kyodai
Musea FGBG 4495.AR
I Talk to the Wind
Jazz-prog version of by Japanese guitar duo.
available from The Artist's Shop
Crane Orchard
Now Here Records
Web only release of Moonchild available for download on the band's music page
Stefanie Kramer
Star Search - The Voices
Polydor (Universal)
Think Twice
Thou Shalt Not Mess With ZOFFY!!
Acid Mothers Temple AMTCD-011
I Talk To The Wind
21st Century Schizoid Man
improvised performances by Japanese psychedelic duo, using traditional instruments

Viaggio in Italia
Nun 8504321
rec. 7/03
Italian chanteuse Alice duets with Tim Bowness. Track also features trumpet player Paolo Fresu. Jakko Jakszyk plays on two other tracks.
Various Artists
The Letters
An Inconventional Italian Guide To King Crimson
Mellow MMP 460 A/B/C
Oct 03
2 CD + 1 EP

Virtuous Circle (including: Entry of the Chameleons)

STEFANO BOLLANI - Frame by frame 3'13"
GERMINALE - Doctor diamond 5'32"
NEMA NIKO - The talking drum 7'25"
SPIROSFERA - Cat food 4'05"
ROVERSI/CAIMI/MENOTTI - Discipline 5'25"
SOUNDVISION - One more red nightmare 6'37"
ANATROFOBIA - A sailor's tale 5'00"
TILION - One time 9'09"
TAPROBAN - Lark's tongues in aspic part 2 6'25"
PROPHEXY - The great deceiver 3'52"
THREE OF A CHARMING PAIR - Inner garden I & II 5'58"
GIARDINI D'AUTUNNO - Formentera lady 8'41"
PSYCONOESIS - Starless 7'34"

When I Say Stop, Continue (including: no photo, no recording, no smoking)

GOAD - Epitaph 9'00"
COSTA/MOMBRINI/PIAZZI - Lady of the dancing water 3'47"
JET LAG - Pictures of a city 7'21"
UBI MAIOR - Prince Rupert awakes 4'48"
L'IMBROGLIO - Providence 5'02"
MALIBRAN I talk to the wind 5'13"
FLOATING STATE - Exiles 8'32"
NOTTURNO CONCERTANTE - Cadence and cascade 5'00"
GREENWALL - Lark's tongues in aspic part 1 13'06"
CABOTO - Moonchild 3'14"
THE SLOWMOVIES - Matte kudasai 4'32"
ZAQ - In the court of the Crimson King 6'51"
MARIPOSA - Sex sleep eat drink dream 4'29"

1974 EP
This Night Wounds Time

COMFORT - We we'll let you know/Fracture 11'13"
NODO GORDIANO - Lament 3'56"
ARIA PALEA - The great deceiver 5'55"

Also available at BTF.IT
Michele D'Auria
Promenade the Puzzle
A Flash film "inspired by the historical Italian rock band PFM/Premiata Forneria Marconi." ...and Peter's lyrics.
web only release
A mash up of Aerosmith (Dream On), Pink Floyd (The Wall) and King Crimson (Moonchild)
Maartin Allcock
Serving Suggestion
Squiggle Records CD1
rec. 09/03-01/04

by ex-alumnus of Fairport Convention and Jethro Tull
Bucks Fizz
Bucks Fizz (Remastered)
reissue of 1981 LP including bonus tracks:
Via libre (One Way Love - Spanish version)
El Mundo De Ilusion (The Land Of Make Believe - Spanish version)
Love In A World Gone Mad
Heart Of Stone (12” version)
Bucks Fizz
Are You Ready (Remastered)
reissue of 1982 LP including bonus tracks:
One Way Love
Breaking and Entering
Twentieth Century Hero
The Land Of Make Believe
Twentieth Century Hero (Live) (Bonus track)
Bucks Fizz
I Hear Talk (Remastered)
I Hear Talk
Theo Travis
Earth to Ether
21st Century Schizoid Man
"There are few players who would be brave enough to attempt an acoustic rendition of King Crimson's classic '21st Century Schizoid Man,' but Travis excises the instrumental section in the middle of the piece, and turns it into a truly schizophrenic take, slowing down the rapid-fire ensemble passage from the centre of the original piece to half-time and positing it as a hip hop-inflected theme, going into double-time for the solo section and then returning to the half-time theme." - All About Jazz (review)
Full track may be found at Theo Travis MySpace
Bucks Fizz
Writing on the Wall
Keep Each Other Warm (7" version)
Love In A World Gone Mad (1986 New Version) Previously Unreleased
I Hear Talk (1986 Remix)
Love In A World Gone Mad (1986 New Extended Remix) Previously Unreleased
CD reissue of 1986 LP which, due to a licensing problem, omits You and Your Heart So Blue
Chris Thompson
The Best of Dreams
late 2004
"The Best of Dreams" © 2004. Co-written with Kevin Malpass. (5.5Mb)
This version of the demo was sung by Chris Thompson.
web only download
web only download of I Believe in Father Christmas
Freddy Fresh & MPC Genius
The Trainspotters Dream Mastermix Vol 1
Delic (Japan)
In the Court of the Crimson King
PFM + Pagani
Piazza Del Campo: Live In Sienna
CD Label: Aereostella/SonyMusic 519436 2
CD+DVD: Aereostella/Sonymusic 519436 7
PFM + Pagani Piazza Del Campo: Live in Sienna Live CD and DVD including:
River of LifeRiver of Life by PFM + Pagani
Photos of Ghosts
Mr. 9 Till 5
Bucks Fizz
The Land of Make Believe
I Hear Talk
Heart Of Stone (12" version)
Twentieth Century Hero
You And Your Heart So Blue
Love In A World Gone Mad (1986 New Version) Previously Unreleased
I Hear Talk (1986 Remix)
Love In A World Gone Mad (1986 New Extended Remix) Previously Unreleased
Anthology Box Set
Hinkleys Heroes
Volume One
Akarma AK080CD
(Orig. issue 10/25/1999)
Given that Amigos, Peter's Spanish TV special, occured on March 28, 1982 and included Bobby Tench singing Sky, these are probably early 1982 recordings.

Everything Will Be Just Fine Mitchell/Palmer/Sinfield
vocal Bobby Tench
wurlitzer Tim Hinkley
bass Boz Burrel
fairlight and backing vocals Poli Palmer
drums Leonard 'Stretch' Stretching
saxophone Mel Collins
percussion Mitch Mitchell

Tell Me Whatta Man's Gotta Do Hinkley/Sinfield
vocal and all instruments Tim Hinkley

Sky Hinkley/Sinfield
vocal Bobby Tench
guitar Mick Ralphs
wurlitzer Tim Hinkley
bass Boz Burrel
drums Leonard 'Stretch' Stretching

Prime Time Man Hinkley/Sinfield
vocal Bobby Tench
synthesizer horns Tim Hinkley
drum programming and bass guitar Alvin Lee
backing vocals Billy Lawrie, Vickie Brown and Tim Hinkley

Hinkley's Heroes, Volume One, also features: Ian Wallace, Mike Patto, Zoot Money and John Halsey, Neil Hubbard (Elton John's "Bluesology") and Kuma Arada (Peter Green)
In Season
Victor CD+DVD / VIZC-5
21st Century Schizoid Man
. . . elegant strings version of Crimson classic is lead track on debut album of this Japanese girl string quintet (two violins, a cello, a viola and a keyboard)
Bucks Fizz
The Ultimate Anthology
Sony BMG
The Land of Make Believe
I Hear Talk, Heart Of Stone (Single Version)
You And Your Heart So Blue
Keep Each Other Warm
Heart of Stone
You And Your Heart So Blue (Extended Mix)
Keep Each Other Warm (Long Version)
The Land Of Make Believe (1991 Dance Funk Remix) previously unreleased
VideoLogan - Moon Child video
Moon Child by Spanish guitarist and composer, aka Juan Luis Giménez.
Bucko Produckto
web only release
Wind Talking
East London DJ/Turntablist, with an ear for jazz, classical and swing, samples I Talk To The Wind.
Kazumi Watanabe

21st Century Schizoid Man VideoKazumi Watanabe - 21st Century Schizoid Man video
The Court of the Crimson King VideoKazumi Watanabe - The Court of the Crimson King video
personnel - Vo:Minoru Niihara. Gt:Kazumi Watanabe. Gt:Katsutoshi Morizono. Ba:Yasuhiko Tachibana. pf:Masahiro Sayama. Per:PECKER
Children of Men
Hip-O Records
  VideoChildren of men - The Court of the Crimson King
The Court of the Crimson King  
From the motion picture based on the 1992 P. D. James novel, The Children of Men.
Jon Bernstein / Disparition / earwicker
SA Rockstar
21st Century Schizoid Man (12.2 MB)
. . . as a spaghetti western theme by earwicker (aka Jon Bernstein, Disparition)
Music Is My Savior
Capitol/EMI Records
Doctor Doctor
. . . Written by F. Joseph, S. Mims, R. Fripp, M. Giles, G. Lake, I. McDonald, P. Sinfield.
Contains material sampled from: Moonchild - performed by King Crimson. Taken from the album: In the Court of the Crimson King. Appears courtesy of DGM Ltd. on behalf of King Crimson
Steel Wind
Forest Hill FHAG02
Lizard part one and two performed by Italian Saxophone quintet

part one A
part one B
part one C
part one D
part two A
part two B
part two C
Fantasia: Live In Tokyo
CD: Eagle
DVD: Eagle
Live CD and DVD including: The Court of the Crimson King
Personnel: John Wetton, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer and Geoff Downes
Jakko M. Jakszyc
& Mel Collins

Jakko M. Jakszyk & Mel Collins - The Letters
Live in Venice
Performance date unknown

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