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Peter Sinfield: Works 1995-97
Artist & Album
Emerson Lake and Palmer
Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Victory Music/Polygram Records 480011-2
Karn Evil Nine (1st Impression - Part 2), Pirates
Gallahad's Christmas Lecture
spring 1993
I Believe In Father Christmas
cassette only release recorded 12/92. (genre: neo-progressive)
I Believe In Father Christmas
cassette only release recorded live (12/92?) - genre: neo-progressive
Cliff Richard
March 1993
Peace In Our Time (w/ Andy Hill)
Video Cliff Richard - Peace In Our Time video
(7" Single Edit)
(12" Extended Mix)
(Gospel Mix)
(Cliff's TV Edit)
"Yes it's that song again and this time 5 mixes of it! Mainly using the less abrasive Olympic lyric rewrite and one of them even contains the middle 8! Videos galore even a great taped live performance from his Xmas '93 Wembley concerts where it finishes the show after a moving spoken intro where he praises the lyric..thank you Cliff. .In the UK you can't really call yourself a songwriter 'til Cliff has cut one of your songs. Rather a long wait! Peaked at numero ocho in the singles chart/ album platinum." PjS
M. Walking on the Water
Pictures of an Exhibitionist
Polydor 519538-2
June 93
In the Court of theCrimson King
One track on an album of prog parodies by this German band. Also includes: Carpet crawl, Bungle in the jungle, Golf girl, and Roundabout
Giles, Giles & Fripp
The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles & Fripp
Deram 820 965-2
CD re-issue of Deram LP SPA 423 originally released 09/06/68 with bonus track Under the Sky (w/ Ian McDonald)
King Crimson
The First Three
Virgin/E.G. TPAK 28 PM 529
3 CD picture discs boxset including the albums In the Court of the Crimson King, In the Wake of Poseidon and Lizard
Gene Pitney
The Hits and More
Golden Eagle
There Is No Distance
Kano Tenmei's Rock Enzui-giri (for Prog rock & Hard rock)
Toshiba-EMI TOCK-5029
29 September 1993
21st Century Schizoid Man, In the Court of the Crimson King
"Kano Tenmei is a photographer .... I do not know why his name was used in this series. To make a topic? At that time he was a very scandalous.... Who sang these songs? NO ONE !*!! Yes, this is KARAOKE !* - Despite, they are full length (not excerpt). Ah... yes, I think karaoke is no good ... but I read John Wetton said he sang '21st century...' on Karaoke at a Japanese salon bar!"
- Yoshifumi Nagata (writer for the Japanese music monthly magazine, GOLD WAX)
Diana Ross
Forever Diana Musical Memoirs
Waiting in The Wings (remixed version included in this anthology 4 CD boxset)
King Crimson
The Concise King Crimson: Sleepless
Caroline CAROL 1887-2
21st Century Schizoid Man, Epitaph, In the Court of the Crimson King (abridged), Cat Food, Ladies of the Road,
Emerson Lake and Palmer
Works Live
Victory Music/Polygram Records 484003-2
Tiger In A Spotlight, C'est La Vie, Watching Over You, Closer To Believing
(re-issue of 1979 album, Emerson Lake and Palmer In Concert, with extra tracks)
Celine Dion
The Colour of My Love
Think Twice (w/ Andy Hill)
Celine Dion - Think Twice video1995 World Music Awards

Wikipedia entry
Peter Sinfield
Voiceprint BP152CD
November 93
CD reissue of Still with two additional bonus tracks:
Hanging Fire by Peter Sinfield (w/ guitar by Keith Christmas)
Can You Forgive A Fool w/ Richard Brunton
The Pointer Sisters
Only Sisters Can Do That
Capitol 89553
Don't Walk Away (w/ Andy Hill)
Emerson Lake and Palmer
The Return of the Manticore
Victory Music/Polygram Records 484004-2
21st Century Schizoid Man, I Believe In Father Christmas, Tiger In A Spotlight, C'est La Vie, Karn Evil Nine
Damn the Machine
Silence (CD-5)
Dec 943

Cat Food
... by progressive metal band featuring former Megadeth guitarist, Chris Poland
Fuck Pussy Galore and All Her Friends
Teenbeat 67/UK Matador OLE 024-2
91st Century Schizoid Man
Reissue of 1987 debut album (Tink of S.E.) with extra tracks.
Love Like Blood
Rebel Records / SPV GmbH 084-45552
Jan 94

Epitaph by German Gothic Rock band
Kim Criswell
The Human Cry
EMI 7896212564
There Is No Distance (w/ Andy Hill)
Fierce Records
21st Century Schizoid Man
(genre: thrash metal)
Giving Birth To A Stone
Mad Minute 009CD
Cat Food
...by alt.metal band featuring Justin Chancellor of Tool.
There is a Realaudio file of Cat Food at Amazon.com
Hanne Boel
Misty Paradise
Waiting In The Wings (w/ Andy Hill)
a UK # 1 Hit
Let 3
Dallas Records
21st Century Schizoid Man (including See Emily Play)
Croatian band lists songwriter credit as "Fripp/Lake/McDonald/Giles/Sinfield/Barrett"
Emerson Lake and Palmer
The Best of Emerson Lake and Palmer
Victory Music/Polygram Records 480036-2
Karn Evil Nine, C'est La Vie, I Believe in Father Christmas (original single version)
reissue of 1980's The Best of Emerson Lake and Palmer w/ extra tracks
Trouvere Quartet
My Favorite Things
Toshiba EMI
21st Century Schizoid Man
by Japanese saxophone quartet

Peter Sinfield: Works 1990-92 1969-74 | 1975-79 | 1980-85 | 1986-89 | 1990-92 | 1993-94 | 1995-97 | 1998-99 | The 21st Century
Peter Sinfield: Works 1995-97

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