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Photos of Ghosts

With Photos of Ghosts Peter Sinfield gives us one last song of regret, a remembrance of things past.

"Black roses laced with silver
By a broken moon.
Ten million stars
And the whispered harmonies of leaves.
We were these."

Black Roses symbolize death. "Silver" is moonlight. The "broken moon" suggests a broken dream. Perhaps the first two lines could be interpreted to mean "death laced with a broken dream". The "ten million stars" represent the illusion of limitless possibilities that "were" but are no more. Similarly, the "harmonies of leaves" suggest a unity so precious it could only be "whispered". "We" and "whispered" further suggest that this was a state or a goal shared by more than one person - perhaps a couple, a group or a generation.

"Beside a dried up fountain
Lie five dusty tomes
With faded pasted pictures
Of love's reverie.
Across each cover is written,
"Herein are Photos of Ghosts"
Of ghosts, of ghosts,
Of the days we ran and the days we sang."

The "dried up fountain" is the well of inspiration, love, dreams, possibilities. Do the five tomes represent the five original members of King Crimson who once "ran" and "sang" together?

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